Shayeen Beauty Training Centre is well known in Mauritius for positive, professional training, leading to national recognised qualifications. The school has been established in Port Louis since 1997.

A career in beauty is one of the most interesting available. It can lead to exciting opportunities anywhere in the world. Those that are qualified from our school are employed in international Hotels like the Hilton, Le Residence, or Prince Maurice etc.

Our syllabus is arranged in order that the theory and practical subjects are learned, understood thoroughly and then practised regularly throughout training. Student work on each other initially and on models in a salon atmosphere to attain the highest degree of professionalism and perfection.

The seven month course gives the most thorough and comprehensive intensive Beauty therapy & Hairdressing training available.

Facial Treatments, including Make up, Manicure, Pedicure, body treatment, waxing, Permanent waving, Cutting & Blow-drying, Straightening Hair Colouring & Bleaching etc are all taught and practised regularly. This course lead to Certificate of attendance approve by the MQA.
Beauty Therapy Basic
  Full Time: 3 days per week. - Mon to Wen. 10.00 am to 02:00 p.m. 7 months
Part time: 2 days per week. - 10:00 am to 02: 00 pm. - 9 Months
W/end: Saturday 10.00 am to 14.00 pm. - Sunday 9.00 am to noon. - 9 months /1 year.

Price: Rs 12,000.
Payment: Deposit: Rs 2,000
Monthly Installments: Rs 1,000/1500.


Body therapy: - Diet & Nutrition,
Cosmetic: - use, storage, and retails.
Hygiene & Sterilisation: - cleaning up, Self-hygiene & Personal grooming.
Salon Business Management: - Professional ethnics, Reception, telephone enquiries. Recording appointments, Maintaining stock and consultation.
Anatomy & Physiology: - The Body's systems, Health & safety and First aid.

Practical syllabus.

Skin Treatments: - for Normal, Dry, Oily, & Acne skin.
Facial: - skin care treatments including: - face, neck, and shoulder.
Bleaching, Steaming, & (anti-wrinkles machine)
Cleansing- Toning, and Scrub.
Type of Mask: - Clay, Thermo-Herb mask, Cream & Peel off Mask.
Treatment of superfluous hair: - Bleaching and Waxing.
Eyebrows Shaping: - Waxing & Threading
Eyelashes: - & Brow Tinting.
Manicure and pedicure: - Including Hand & arms, foot & leg massages
Depilatory waxing: - legs, arms, underarms, & Bikini line.
Back treatment: - for ache or acne problem
Bust care:-for toning.

  Fulltime: 3 days per Week. - Mon to wen, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 7 Months
Partime: 2 days per week. Duration:. - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. 9 months
Week end: Saturday, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. - Sunday, 9:00 to noon. 1 year.

Price: Rs 12,000
Payment: Deposit: Rs 2, 000. - Installments: Rs 1,000.

Theory for Hairdressing

Personality: - Behaviors, thoughts, courtesy, grooming, conversations etc.
Client approach: - conversations, receiving clients, & general knowledge.
Hair care: - Use of Hair Products e.g. styling gel, Hair mousse Hair Spray
Hair treatments: - for Hair loss, dry Hair, and dandruff.
Hair preparation: - sectioning & gowning for cutting, perming, colorings
Hair analysis: - understanding about Hair & scalp history.
Chemicals: - safe storage and use of products.
Hygiene & sterilization: - cleaning up, sterilization, & self-hygiene.
Cosmetics: - Retail daily care for Hair & Skin.

Practical- Basic Rs 6000

Shampooing & conditioning
Hair cutting: - one length cut or short Hair style
Permanent waving:-normal one length or layered (short Hair)
Hair Coloring:-Regrowth For white or tinted Hair
Plaits, Roller setting, Basic Hair Styling etc

Practical Advanced Rs 6000

Hair treatment:For dry Hair, and Hair Loss
Hair cutting- Layered, clippers cut etc
Blow drying: - Straight or Layered
Finger Drying using mousse, gel & lacquer
Permanent waving - Spiral & Double winding techniques.
Hair straightening: - relaxing Afro, wavy & Curly Hair.
Hair colouring - Highlights, Bleaching, tin foil or full head tints.
High Hair styling: - tonging, & crimpers.
Make -up

Duration: 4 months.
Price: Rs 6,000.


Make-up for: Day & Evening.
Creative, Bridal, corrective
& camouflage work.

Type of product use for make - up

Foundations: - cake, liquid & paste foundation. Correcting & concealing.
Powder & Cream Blusher: - Brush Blusher - Tips and finished effect.
Eyes shadow: - Eye Foundation, Base & shade.
Eyeliner: - Liquid eyeliner, kohl, Mascara, & Eyelashes curler - Tips
Defining eyes brows: use of Brow brush and eyeliner.
Lipstick:- & lip liner: Thin lips, uneven lips, shapeless lips, full lips, and uneven colors.
Make - up according to face shape
Shading & Highlighting:- Jaw line, cheekbones, Plump cheeks.
Correcting face shape:- Round, Heart, Square, & Long.
Effects for eyes:-Deep-set eyes & Heavy Brows, Round eyes & long eyes.




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